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2FA on a PC: KeePass XC Tutorial

KeePass XC is a free and open source password manager that stores its database locally on your computer. It works on Linux, Windows, or MacOS. Your password and 2FA database is encrypted using 256-bit AES, which is the industry standard and academically accepted as secure. And if you really want to learn about cybersecurity, subscribe for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, RSS feed, or Nostr.

KeePass XC doesn’t just store passwords; it also supports 2FA with TOTP. To use this feature, first set up your database and then add an entry.

Then go to Entries, TOTP, and Set up TOTP.

KeePass XC will ask you for the backup phrase or “secret key.” The website should provide you with this. If the website doesn’t mention any special settings, then leave it as the default.

Once you have it set up, go to Entries, then TOTP, Show TOTP.

You can also do this with the keyboard shortcut control shift T. This will display the 2FA codes with 30 second timed intervals to change. And it has the ability to easily copy and paste the code into the website or service.


Doing 2FA on a computer is way more private than on a phone. However, sometimes you may only be given a QR scan or want other options. In the next article, we will discuss a free open source android app called andOTP. And if you really want to learn how to become a ghost, subscribe for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, RSS feed, or Nostr.

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