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Agorism: Improve your mindset with this philosophy.

Agorism is an amazing philosophy for improving your life. But it’s often misunderstood and I disagree with the majority. Let’s first look at the official definition.

Textbook definition:

My definition:
Agorism is rejecting a government-run society (which is violence) through self-action (which is voluntary entrepreneurship). In other words, fixing yourself first and opting out of the current system.

To quote Jose Nino, from ,

But I think Jose Nino is an idiot. Because his website uses Google and Cloudflare which is government cheerleader infrastructure. So agorists disagree…

Almost all agorists agree that a government run society is bad, but where agorists disagree is what action the person has to do to “opt out”. Some view the problem is purely taxation and economics, while others view this as interacting with technology, food, weapons, land, passports, or other forms.

Types of Agorism:

Digital Agorism:
This focuses on self-reliance in technology and rejecting large big tech companies for software, operating systems, and even sometimes hardware or networking.
(This is what we focus on at Simplified Privacy)

Crypto Agora:
This focuses on self-reliance with cryptocurrency and rejecting the fiat banking system
(For example Sal the Agora and Juraj Bednar)

Permacultural Agora:
This focuses on either directly growing your own food or interacting with local farmers to reject large government-controlled multinational GMO firms that make you dependent on the system
(For example Derrick Broze)

Arms Agora:
This is someone who advocates for self-made firearms using 3D printers to avoid government gun registration.
(For example Sean Aranda)

Nomad Agora: (could also be referred to as “Crypto Anarchy”)
This is someone who advocates for individual freedom through getting multiple passports and to reject a single government controlling you.
(Pavol Luptak of Liberation Travel uses the words “Crypto Anarchy”, while Mikkel Thorp of ExpatMoney just says “Digital Nomad”)

Agora Cities:
This is someone who advocates for literally making physical locations where people go for private governance or community.
(This is what Próspera’s Erick Brimen and Liberland’s Vít Jedlička focus on)

Knowledge Agora:
This is someone who advocates for rejecting mainstream news as propaganda, and instead focusing on grassroots community lead “open source” journalism. In other words, don’t just consume, but participate in the media yourself.
(This is what James Corbett focuses on)

So whose right?
The answer is you educate yourself on the different ways and decide for yourself.
After all, how can I tell you how to decentralize?

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