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AI backfires on Big Tech

Google and Microsoft mouth off about AI helping the consumer save time, but new academic studies show that generative AI has degraded the quality of Google and Bing’s search results. Leipzig University and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar released a paper entitled “Is Google Getting Worse? A Longitudinal Investigation of SEO Spam in Search Engines”, which clearly demonstrates that AI has rotted the results with massive amounts of low quality spam. Users are less engaged and less able to find relevant products. [1]

Therefore, Simplified Privacy argues that AI has backfired on Google and Microsoft, and these rotten organizations choke on their own tyranny. They ironically make themselves irrelevant.

The Sources for this article can be found here.

Not only has academic research proven the rot of Google search, but even influential and relevant SEO experts confirm the skew to spam. Search Engine Journal discusses how Google’s algorithm gives new domains a chance, to see how they rank. Then AI can constantly register new domains and pumps out massive amounts of dribble to fill those “new results”. Search Engine Journal categorizes it as an attack. [3]

Other mainstream sources confirm similar findings, and speculate on the potential reasons. Business Insider, in an article entitled “Google search is bad and getting worse. Here’s how search is evolving in the era of AI.” points out how Google isn’t even focusing on improving search. Quote:

Propaganda & Rot

Simplified Privacy questions the legitimacy of closed-source AI from known “pro-authority” Democrats doing research for people because of the potential for bias. AI does the critical task of evaluating different sources, which allows the user to have discretion and evaluate both the information and the sources for potential bias. Not only can the user see the sources, but also the skew from the search engine itself may be more obvious. On the other hand, AI narrows this down to just one choice in which the user is dependent on the AI’s world-view.

James Corbett

Well-respected journalist James Corbett of the Cortbett Report has similar views. He points out how the push for AI search has massive implications for propaganda and reducing the available knowledge that people can consume. He discusses the danger of a single search result and getting humanity dependent on technocratic experts to dictate reality to us, given their history in creating false narratives such as Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or the effectiveness of the “vaccine”. [4]

Internationally recognized Agora journalist Derrick Broze reaches similar conclusions but goes even further. He warns of AI being used to push the idea of collective consciousness and trans-humanism. In his view, the push will be to have AI inserted into the human brain with the goal of blurring the difference between your individual goals and society. Then pro-authority figures can push you to sacrifice your freedoms for the supposed greater good. [5] Please note that I’m rephrasing his ideas to be more direct.

And why don’t other people know about this? Because they can’t find it in search. Unless of course… you share it.

The Sources for this article can be found here.

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