Simplified Privacy

Big Tech Hall of Shame

You won’t believe who’s here

3. Rob Braxman

Privacy “guru” Rob Braxman’s literally gives privacy advice on hiding from 3 letter agencies, location tracking, and EXIF data. While his site uses Google Analytics and relies upon Google Ad Syndication. Seriously bro, you gotta help the Google ad network because you’re that poor?! And, which is marketed as “privacy social media”, is hosted on Amazon, the CIA contractor.

2. Arweave w/ Sam Williams

Arweave is supposed to be decentralized “crypto-powered” cloud storage to stop censorship. But, their main gateway to the platform, is literally hosted on Google Cloud. What’s the purpose of Arweave if it’s not an alternative to Google Drive? Then is on Amazon’s AWS with Gmail doing their support tickets. Hey Sam, can you guess which Arweave wallet I use to post to metaweave? I’ll give you a hint, I’m the only one using your platform.

1. / PeakD

Hive is a Nostr competitor. But the entire platform is built on the lie that you’re uncensored. They say you own your identity, but yet they sell you the encryption keypair, and it’s served from a Cloudflare server. So the government can see the private key that you paid for, to do “uncensored” posting.

Hive can fix it, please listen to me. Have your users create a keypair locally in your browser extension. Then assign the names you want to sell to the public keys, using the blockchain as DNS. This is how Session messenger already does it, and how Nostr should do it in the future. Because it would solve all Nostr security issues and raise money for the client devs. It could even use Bitcoin’s chain.

Parting Words,

I was expecting to be shadow-banned from Google search, and I am. What I was not expecting is to have my domain gagged by Spamhaus from sending any emails to ANY domain, when it was clear for months. The ban started when a bunch of gmails subscribed, and so my criticism of Google got labeled malicious. I’ve now lost contact with the subscribers I paid Bitcoin Gab ads to initially get, to try to sell degoogled phones. I got my back against the wall, and I’m swinging, but I need you. Help me brother, share this and help me get the word out.

We have but one life. And when I am old and grey, rotting on a bed waiting to die, I want to look back with a smile. That I fought, and maybe, made a difference. And when I do, I hope to see your comments beside it.

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