Simplified Privacy

“but I have to get reach” -Big Tech users

Some cling to Big Tech social media with the flawed logic of “Oh well Nostr, Session, or Eth push channels sound nice, but I have to get reach. I have to be where the people are.”

But just creating an account by itself doesn’t get you reach on Youtube, Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. You need fans to even show up in search, or have your stuff retweeted. So the more heavily invested you are in the corrupt censorship platform, the more benefit you’d get. This permanently compromises your messages and voice.

It’s even worse than that. By directing your fans into a negative shadow ban snowball, you actually reduce being heard, from the people who would normally spread your content if they only knew you had new stuff.

In this short hard-hitting video, our team stands the line, refusing to compromise.

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