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Crypto Anarchy vs Anarcho Capitalism

In this article we’ll discuss the differences between the phrases: Anarcho Capitalism, Crypto Anarchy, and Agorism.

Anarcho Capitalism (abbreviated AnCap) is an openly advertised political movement that promotes free markets and an abolition of the state. Most AnCaps will OPENLY tell you they are part of this movement, and it shares many similarities with Libertarians. Libertarians and AnCaps only really differ on should the government run a socialized police force and army.

Crypto Anarchy (also called CypherPunk) is usually a SECRET lifestyle, where one rejects the concept of external government control and instead chooses individual self-sovereignty. This concept of freedom and subverting the power of the state, is often expressed through the use of privacy and encryption technology, cryptocurrencies, and even frequently traveling to other countries with multiple passports to reduce a single government’s control over the individual.

The main difference between Anarcho Capitalism (AnCap) and Crypto Anarchy (CypherPunk) is that AnCaps organize politically to encourage voting, while as Crypto Anarchy involves using technology to subvert the system. This could involve creating code to defy surveillance, trading cryptocurrency without regulations, not using left-wing social media platforms, or even some type of “illegal market” depending on who you ask. Although I personally think drug markets degrades the core philosophies from more wide-spread acceptance. Fearing being oppressed for their actions, CypherPunks place a much greater emphasis on privacy and open source than AnCaps.

The AnCap says to the CypherPunk, “How can you not vote?! We need you!”

The CypherPunk says to the AnCap, “How can you register to vote? You’re telling the NSA where you live?!”

How does Crypto Anarchy differ from Agorism?

Agorism is a general term for economics and a parallel society outside the control of government institutions. Like a CypherPunk, Agoras don’t think the voting will help. Instead of voting, Agorism focuses on individual entrepreneurship to add value to the community and fix yourself first.

Agoras differ from CypherPunks, in that Agoras usually aren’t as tech-savvy, but look to get outside the system through other means, such as growing their own food. For example “Sal the Agorist” is a popular Twitter account promoting gun ownership and growing your own food, but he sells ads for his Twitter account using a Gmail.

So a CypherPunk says to an Agorist “How can you use Big Tech?”

While an Agorist says to a CypherPunk “How can you eat Big Ag?”

Summarize each:

Anarcho Capitalism (AnCap)

Let’s spread the message of freedom through education, and vote to be free.

Logic and reason are the pillars upon which we build objective morality.


Society will not change. Using cryptocurrencies we can create a parallel economy and community, to fix ourselves first.

Crypto-Anarchy (CypherPunk)

I was born free, and you can’t stop me from using encryption to stay free. They can’t enforce their laws if they can’t see it. Big Tech is the government’s puppet for surveillance and censorship.

What is the purpose of this article? Are you going try to convince me to join?

No, I can’t convince you to become a Crypto Anarchist. You have to self-realize it on your own.

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