Simplified Privacy

Customized Privacy Consultation

Starting at $180.00

The technical knowledge required to have privacy in today’s digital world is overwhelming. It seems as though at every step of life, there are teams of trained and well-funded organizations who are looking to maliciously get your data for their own benefit.

We are here to help. You let us know what problems you’re having or goals you wish to achieve and we’ll either walk you through a solution step by step, or guide you to take action with a plan.

These are just a few examples of the many things we can help with:

Anonymous Phone Numbers, Physical Phones, or virtual emulated phones
Anonymous Social Media accounts (get passed 2FA and VPN/Tor blocks)
VPN configurations or advice
Whonix/Tor Configurations for Privacy and Speed
File Deletion using BleachBit
Cryptocurrency Questions
Virtual Burner Credit Card Questions
Virtual Machine setups or advice
Hosting Websites/Blogs Anonymously
Learn PGP Encryption
Using Nextcloud cloud storage
Questions on private messengers like Signal, Session, XMPP, or Briar
2FA & Security Hardening
Open Source Email Servers for multiple accounts/people like iRedMail

Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

You Choose the Platform

In your personal consultation, we’ll guide you through your choice of audio, video, or live texting chat. Your consultation would be end-to-end encrypted on easy to download and use apps like Signal, Session, or XMPP, for anonymous cryptocurrency. You can use these on your phone or PC. We also could use Jitsi chat which is an open source alternative to Google Meet, where you can share your screen. Or yet another option is RustDesk, which is an open source alternative to TeamViewer.

Liberate your PC today!