Simplified Privacy


We keep your data safe. This information is sent using SSL encryption to our servers.

Only for 1 year subscriptions, do we offer the option of pre-registered domains with servers already setup for immediate use.

If you pick the domain, you have to wait up to 48 hours for us to register it then setup your server and service. The domain name registry (DNS) settings have to be updated which takes time on their end for email to function.

If you want to skip the wait, and get a working email immediately, we have pre-made domains and servers ready to go right now. However, we can NOT let you pick or preview which pre-registered domains we have. This is because then it would compromise the privacy of a different customer should you decline to use that domain.

The cost of a new domain is $19 regardless of if you pick it or get a pre-registered one. We do not charge extra beyond what the third party domain registrars charge us for registration and domain privacy.

Decentralized Encrypted Email (1 year registration)

Get your own private encrypted email server with a Decentralized structure to avoid surveillance

$100 setup fee