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Ditch Youtube subs: Ethereum Push Channels

Our website fanbase is a mix of Monero maxis and Bitcoin-Maxis.

But zero Eth fans. This is why I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for promoting Ethereum push channels as a substitute for Youtube subscriptions that aren’t as sensitive to time, to compliment Nostr’s substitute for a fast trending Twitter. And Eth channels have far better discovery and can spread in ways that Session messenger can not. But there’s 2 main points,

First) It helps, not hurts, Nostr and Monero/BTC to spread its exposure and use. If you think the global townsquare is going to be a repetitive echo chamber, you are blind to the diversity of thought and prevent Nostr’s adoption. You’d think the people into censorship resistance would not be into censoring ideas. There’s real tech value here, in having a whole new DNS system.

Second) The real enemy is Google. If you clown on me for trying this, then turn around and post to Youtube, you have lost the Cypherpunk way.

So before you curse me out, consider watching our team’s tutorial on what it even is,

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