Simplified Privacy

Why should you have a self-hosted email?
Because without it, you don’t own anything.

Most websites force you to link an email, and the email can reset the password. And because email forces you to trust the provider, the provider really owns your accounts.

Don’t use Protonmail.

Protonmail’s encryption is a conflict of interest. As they are protecting you from themselves. By registering a legal company, this forces them to comply with invasive orders from corrupt governments in violation of their own laws. Proton scans all emails and hands over thousands of emails a year. And Tutanota bans Tor browser to purposefully fingerprint customers to crackdown on multiple accounts.

Instead, here at Simplified Privacy, each customer gets the login credentials to their own tiny cloud (VPS). By spreading out globally, and exclusively using cryptocurrency, this hides who are our customers even are. In fact, because the VPS provider doesn’t even know it’s us, we have zero responsibility to monitor your behavior. We give you full control over your own data with our hands-off approach, which is infinitely more private.

We’ll setup 3 services, (using open source software), on a single tiny VPS server for you:
1) Email
2) Chat
3) Team cloud docs
(like Google docs but encrypted)
All for just a one-time $99 setup fee.

Our combo package is designed to keep your VPS lightweight and save you money, while being jammed packed with functionality!

For cloud docs, we’re using open source CryptPad, which lets you collaborate with others in a web browser similar to Google docs. The big difference between this and NextCloud, is that it allows for encryption. Also CryptPad is faster to load than NextCloud and more lightweight on computer resources, which is going to save you money on the server.

There’s many different types of documents to pick from:

For chat, it’s your choice between:
a) Clearweb XMPP w/ audio calls (Snikket)
b) Dark XMPP w/ a Tor Onion domain
c) SimpleX serverd

This is the Snikket XMPP web panel:

Here you can add accounts for your friends or family:

Then once you have users, you can chat with them on many different mobile or desktop apps, including Cheogram, Monocles, Gajim, Dino, or more. It connects to both people on your server or other servers, (similar to how email works but end-to-end encrypted). And you can also hook a VoIP number up to it. This is like “running your own Signal”, but for just a couple bucks.

For email, we’re using open source Mailu that won’t conflict with all your other services.

You don’t need any special software, it works right in a web browser. Or you can put it into any client!

This email not only gives you full control over your data, but you can also create as many identities as you want to the same email address:

If you want to optionally add PGP encryption there’s native support.

The one time $99 includes:
1) full setup of 3 services
2) domain registration
3) first month of the VPS costs
4) 1 YEAR of tech support
But then after the first month, you’ll pay the VPS provider directly without us, around $9 a month. We do NOT charge above the VPS provider, you pay them directly.

Once we setup your Combo package, we hand the SSH keys, admin logins, and all VPS billing credentials over to you. Then we’ll provide technical support through your favorite encrypted messenger for a full YEAR after.

Want to try it out? Reach out to us and you can do a demo viewing of our example VPS.

Reach out:

Session ID: Support

Signal: +855 68 504 905

Nostr Public Key: