Simplified Privacy

GraphineOS Pixel 7 - Brand New - $475

GraphineOS Pixel 6a - Like New - $300

In our other article found here, we discussed how Google abuses android to do complete surveillance on all aspects of your life, from location tracking, relationship mapping, and even recording your private audio conversations.

To help you avoid being surveilled, we selldegoogled” Pixel 6a and 7 phones with GraphineOS.  A phone that is “degoogled” means that the operating system has been modified to an open source, privacy-friendly one that is not controlled by Google. 


You can purchase this from us either brand new or “like new” condition (which means it was previously owned but is in 9 of 10 condition)When customers get these ‘like new’ devices, they often can not even tell that it was previously used, and so you can capture a massive price savings compared to the brand-new phones from other stores.


These degoogled phones are sold for cryptocurrency and come with the Graphine operating system pre-loaded for you.  This reduces any potential anxiety you may have about ordering a stock Pixel online and getting stuck with a phone that is not properly unlocked, so then Google’s malicious spyware can not be removed


Also by using cryptocurrency, you can completely separate your identity from the order, which is a huge boost for privacy.  Even if you used your real shipping address, we do not share data with any third parties such as data brokers.  This is unlike eBay, which openly bans VPNs, does port sniffing to identify your device, and then sells your data to data brokers such as LexisNexus.

There is a negative stigma around “used crypto phones,” as some fear criminal activity.   However, unfortunately it’s Google and Apple that are the real criminals, as they involuntarily track your physical location and web of contacts 24/7 through the phone’s identity.  In the European Union, Google acts illegally in violation of the GDPR, but they get away with it due to their political power

degoogled phone

Our company exclusively sells our open source OS products in Bitcoin and Monero, to keep the cryptocurrency economy circular and reject immoral government fiat.  This increases your privacy by obscuring from data brokers which phones were purchased by us, and therefore by our customers.

These brand new or like-new phones are completely legimate; you can look up the phone’s IMEI number on public database websites.  In addition, we are offer a 1-week warranty.  If within 1 week of receiving the phone you are not satisfied or there is physical damage, you can swap it for a different phone, or we’ll refund your crypto!


(We cannot offer warranties greater than one-week because there are a handful of dishonest customers who would drop their phones or expose them to rain, water or heat damage.  Then afterwards these individuals will try to act like it’s our fault the phone malfunctioned and get a replacementBecause we do not ID customers, they can then repeat this process multiple times.)


A degoogled phone will not negatively affect you in any way, and GraphineOS is very convenient.  Not only do all the “regular” android apps work (as though it were a stock android), but you can even “sandbox” or separate Google Play services for just a specific “profile” or group of apps.  This hides your activity in the other profiles from Google, while still providing full functionality for all apps.


We offer open source OS phones through our website or “over the counter” trading.  In over the counter trading, you can make the purchase directly on easy to use encrypted messengers, including Session, Signal, or XMPP, to ask questions and get a PGP signed receipt before transferring cryptocurrency.  This PGP receipt provides you some protection, since it could be used to embarrass us on review websites if we do not deliver on our promises.


Reject the surveillance and corrupt political lobbying of Google; liberate your electronics today!