Simplified Privacy

What if you could be uncensored in both your speech and your finances?

Simplified Privacy is proud to announce our original and open source server software for uncensored content distribution and billing through Session messenger.


The problem with traditional websites, domain names, and social media is they use IP addresses, which are tied to physical locations that corrupt governments use to censor and oppress speech they disagree with.



We reject this.  Instead, we stand for the principle of encryption as identity, which means separating communication from physical locations, to prevent censorship.


One example of this is Session messenger.  On Session, your username is the public key, and your password is your private key.  

Our software will:

-Bill your customers in Monero or Bitcoin (Lightning) to join your premium list

-Keep track of subscriptions and remind users

-Distribute your content out to that list.  (Similar to how an email list functions, but without relying on government domain names)

The same way that a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet lets you fully own your funds.  Our software allows you to utilize Session to fully own your audience and income.

All messages are onion routed, similar to the Tor network, which means it bounces around different servers around the world, and each of the multiple layers of encryption gets peeled away with each hop, like the skin of an onion.

But Session is better than Tor, because Tor Onion websites require the private key of the Onion on the server itself to function.  This means if the location of the server is discovered, it’s game over because your enemy can permanently compromise your content.

While as with Session, your username can be bought on a blockchain.  This means that even if the location of your server is discovered, you can just transfer your name to a new account, completely separating physical locations from your delivery to make you unstoppable.

Imagine complete control over your identity and income.  Protect both you and your audience.

Unlike .com domains, it can’t be taken away.  Unlike Tor onions, it can be remembered.

You’re free to use our software without us, or we offer optional managed cloud and cybersecurity services to help you setup your server, advise you on security, and provide technical support to rapidly fix any issues that could cause downtime.

For just a $125 initial setup fee, and then $30 a month after that, (with VPS costs included in that), we will:

1) Discuss your needs with you

2) Set it up to your preferences and your custom messages

3) Help you obtain and secure your blockchain identity, which you keep custody of.

4) Train you on how to use it

5) Provide tech support to solve any downtime

6) Give you a backup copy of your subscriber list

7) Provide automated billing in Monero and Bitcoin Lightning straight to your self-custody wallet, without charging any percentage fees.

If you get just a few followers paying your subscription fees, this will quickly pay for itself and you can start earning.

Then pitch to your followers your other offerings.

There’s no vendor lock-in, since you keep self-custody of your name and your crypto funds.  Since we’ve open sourced it, if you’re unhappy, at any time you can transfer your name and the copy of your list to another provider.

You can either order on the website with the button above, or contact us.  We’re just one message away:
Session ID: Support
Signal #: +855 68 504 905
(spacing matters for Signal)
SimplifiedPrivacy [at] protonmail [dot] com

Here is an article further elaborating on the censorship aspect.  And try out our bot instance to be better understand how this works by messaging the Session ID: Simple