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9 Dangers of Google’s Power

Some people will question you why not just write them on a Gmail? It’s convenient. Well here’s 9 Dangers of Google’s power

The sources for this article can be found here.

1) The government is their data customer, so you’ve lost your civil liberties because Google can now act on the government’s behalf to do things that otherwise would be illegal for the government to do directly.

2) Supposedly you have a choice in this, but the more powerful they are, the harder it is to avoid. How many reCaptchas are on essential websites? Do a DNS lookup on employers’ emails, and you’ll find that you will truly struggle to get a job without it going to a Gmail server. The employer having a vanity domain doesn’t change it being Gmail.

3) Google profited from covid’s stay-at-home work, so they are motivated to (and did) help politicians promote lockdowns by suppressing contrary information with the goal of preventing you from going outside. For example, they literally took down Google docs from physicians presenting research critical of the government’s policies. [1]

4) Google search is the largest and most influential source of research for many, but also a US military cloud contractor. That’s a conflict of interest for them to promote endless war. As Julian Assange points out, during the Syrian civil war, they put John Kerry’s pro-intervention propaganda right below the front page’s search bar. [2] Why even wait till they search for Syria? Get em now! But no mention of Wikileaks cables showing the US encouraged ethnic violence to do regime change despite Assad making reforms.

5) While we’re on the subject of Wikileaks, guess what company John Podesta’s leaked emails were? So people mouth off about Google cloud’s supposed security, but these are the same Democrats that insist that Wikileaks was a Russian hack and not an organic inside leak like Assange says it is. So either Gmail is insecure or your political worldview is wrong. Which is it?

6) Having your data stored with Google is a huge risk you’ll lose it. For example a father uploaded a picture to send to a physician of his son’s groin medical issue. Google’s AI labeled it child porn, froze his accounts, and notified the police. [3] Even after the police and physician both cleared him of wrong-doing and wrote letters, Google still refused to give his accounts back to him. “He was cut off not only from his Google email but also his mobile provider and Google Fi – and he also lost all of his emails, contacts, photos and even his phone number.” [3] Even if we ignore the Orwellian automated notification of the police based on your private data, why can’t he get it back after the police completely clear him of wrong-doing?

7) You don’t really own things. As our previous article on this issue covered, Google can see ALL activity on stock Androids, such as 2FA or passwords. This means that often Google can access accounts off their platforms. Not your keys, not your coins. Remember the World Economic forum saying? “You will own nothing and be happy… because we have your 2FA and passwords”

8) Google isn’t even really a fully private company. It openly had one of the largest revolving doors of staff with the White House in history. [4] And as journalist James Corrbett points out, there are deep-rooted connections between the CIA’s money and Google. [5] Corbett’s article points to a 2006 interview, with ex-CIA agent Robert David Steele, who said “I think Google took money from the CIA when it was poor and it was starting up,” Steele said in the interview. “They’ve been together for quite a while.” [5]

Many companies SELL to government. But Google is one of the few that get favors FROM the NSA. According to the Washington Post, Google enlisted the NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks. [6] Since when is the NSA supposed to be the IT department for a PRIVATE company?!

9) Given the massive bias, conservatives and libertarians can’t even functionally communicate on top of a corrupt infrastructure. Youtube, organic search, paid advertising, Email, docs, maps, and more.

And what benefit do you get in return for using Gmail over other providers? Nothing, email can cross communicate. You’re a bitch slave to the empire for free.

The sources for this article can be found here.

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