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New Shocking Instagram Social Engineering revealed!

The answer to “Why Privacy” is now that they will manipulate your entire worldview.

We all know that Meta and other Big Tech social media algorithms will “customize” the feed for each individual account, which is a fancy slang phrase for customized propaganda. But what you may have been unaware is that NOT ONLY are the posts itself altered, but also the COMMENTS. If ever there was a better reason to switch to Nostr…

New evidence of social engineering in the comments section has come forth (see below) and this has shocking ramifications for the ability of governments and Big Tech to manipulate and distort our entire worldview of how popular certain concepts are. Forever forcing certain subjects to be considered “extreme conspiracy theories” even if the overwhelming majority of the popular may think an idea is true.

This Instagram influencer describes how a video on a couple fighting produces different results for the comments section depending on if it’s her or her boyfriend’s phone. The comments on her phone show the majority of replies favoring the woman, while as her boyfriend’s the man. With both of them being unable to EVEN FIND the comments that the other sees.

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