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Linux has speed & economic benefits

There are so many benefits to Linux beyond just privacy and security. Because Linux has less clutter without any of the corrupt Windows spyware, it allows for faster load times. When you boot up the operating system, you can get going faster. Whenever you run an application, the kernel (which is the main part of the operating system) can process that information faster. A great way to learn the foundations of Linux and privacy is by subscribing for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, RSS feed, or Nostr.

Linux is faster

Not only is Linux itself faster, but the open source applications it uses are usually faster and more efficient at whatever task they are designed for than their proprietary counterparts. This is because open source software is improved, tested, and updated by the community based on merit (as opposed to being updated and designed based purely on management’s instructions.

Centralized systems fail because rarely in life is a single person or group of people all-wise and knowledgeable about every aspect of something. And even if they are, then the components of that thing itself derive from knowledge of many other complex things.

Micro-soft Brains

A decentralized system works better because it enables each individual to take responsibility and make decisions related to their unique niche. Not only does this allow for a deep specialization of knowledge, but it also creates an organic feedback loop.

This feedback loop allows the system to improve itself through the decisions of potentially millions of individuals with specialized knowledge, as opposed to the decree of a central manager.

This is why Capitalism promotes more innovation and higher quality goods than Communism. Decentralization concepts apply to computer science as well, and so Microsoft Windows is the communism of code.

Microsoft Windows is known for being slow and crashing with errors. Even if we take out the possibility of a virus, just its own internal bugs often cause the user to have to restart the PC.

This should be the Windows logo

Linux users rarely, if ever, have to reboot their computers just because it froze. Usually a Linux session goes on for the entire day. In fact, even after Linux updates, it often can apply the update and keep running without rebooting. On the other hand, Windows users must often do Control, Alt, Delete to end programs that freeze. The point is that in an open organic merit based feedback loop, errors are more easily corrected.

Linux is more economical

Not only is Linux faster, but it’s also more economical. Linux is free. With Microsoft Windows, you have to pay for not just the operating system, but also you’ll have higher costs on hardware. This is because Windows has so much spyware, unneeded code, and pointlessly complex updates, that it causes hardware to break down sooner.

If you take an old Windows PC that can barely run anymore, and switch it over to Linux, it often can continue to function properly for a much longer period of time.

Some speculate that this is by design, i.e., that Microsoft purposefully wants hardware to break down. There is a concept called ‘planned obsolescence,’ which basically refers to large technology companies purposefully releasing complex unnecessary updates that shorten the end life of a product, to force the user to spend money on a new product sooner.

This concept applies not just to computers but all electronics from phones to farming equipment.

This picture is purely metaphorical, because if Microsoft literally made prisons then the barbed wire would malfunction and fall down.

Propaganda & Education

Through the use of propaganda, Microsoft has managed to convince businesses and home users that Windows is easier to use, more compatible, and reliable.

This creates an evil network effect, in which large bureaucratic organizations may then require/force members to use Windows, and so many people never even get exposed to Linux. Then because they know nothing about it, it seems so difficult, complex, and nerdy. They assume a much higher level of skill is needed to operate something so foreign.

This is especially true of young children, who become indoctrinated into the Microsoft cult at a young age. Because Governments run school systems, they are unfortunately subject to the corrupt decision-making of bureaucrats who may choose Windows on all the schools’ systems, but not based purely on its merits.


Join the Linux community, by subscribing for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, RSS feed, or Nostr. Linux will save you time, money, and frustration with its faster processing times and effective updates. Linux also promotes the idea of a decentralized merit based society, which is the foundation of liberty-minded political thought. On the other hand, Microsoft Windows thrives on indoctrinating young children into believing that pressing Control Alt Delete all day to force close error-prone software is a normal part of the human experience.

Simplified Privacy is here to help you make your transition to Linux as smooth as possible. Reach out to us and liberate your PC today.

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