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Moral value is Objective, while Economic value is Subjective

Ayn Rand’s iconic writings laid out a foundation for “Objectivism”, which taught that morality is objective and man must use logic and reason to formulate how to live. In my words, if morality is subjective there is no purpose. I can commit crimes and say “oh but to me it feels right”. And using reason, we can determine that the only time violence is moral, is to defend against others who do so.

On the other hand, Austrian economics teaches us that economic value is subjective. The very definition of what something is worth is what market participants are willing to pay. People can disagree, and if you force someone, then it’s no longer economic value, but violence.


It’s objectively wrong for governments to command subjective purchases.

This could also be phrased,

It is moral to use violence against governments dictating financial matters.

We could also word this,

If you touch my cryptocurrency, I will kill you.

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