Simplified Privacy

Privacy-Respecting Cloud

Starting at $95.00

What is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is free and open source cloud software designed to help teams collaborate on documents and share files. You control your own data. It is a competitor and replacement for Dropbox, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office 360. With video and chat functionality, Nextcloud can even replace Zoom and Skype.

Nextcloud has functionality for group editing on documents with comments and chatting ability within the document to collaborate on changes.

Nextcloud also supports sharing and backing up files, with both web browser and mobile apps. Because the software is open source, it’s private and more secure.

Nextcloud is designed for team collaboration with 1 on 1 or group chatting. Users can be broken up into groups. It even offers group video chat functionality, if the server it’s running on has enough memory.

What does Simplified Privacy offer?

We offer anonymous Nextcloud server setups and security hardening on a variety of third party servers. This is designed for someone who wants the freedom and privacy of Nextcloud, without the time commitment and knowledge burden to setup and maintain the server themselves.

Many other Nextcloud providers demand to know who they are dealing with, require fiat payment details, or want to speak through unsecure mediums like unencrypted plain text email or regular phone lines.

We will:

  • Talk with you via encryption about your needs (Signal, Session, or XMPP)
  • Buy the Server Anonymously in Cryptocurrency on your behalf
  • Setup Nextcloud linked to the domain of your chosing
  • Security Patch and Harden the Server
  • Install Let’s Encypt SSL Certificates for your domain name
  • Show you how to use it via encrypted chat and answer your questions
  • Hand over the Login and Passwords for you to change it and pay for the server in cryptocurrency on your own going forward
  • Provide Technical Support afterwards for 1 Year

What you will experience:

You’ll be able to effortless just start using your own private file sharing server. This could be for a large team to collaborate or share documents or just your own personal files. If you have any technical issues, we’ll be right here to give you support, but we don’t save your domain or passwords. Reject surveillance and liberate your electronics today!