Simplified Privacy

RebelNet is born

We’re rebranding our “encryption as identity” social network,

Meet, the Rebel Net,

The focus of this instance will be:

-Libertarian, AnCap, Political news

-CypherPunk Tech

-Agora networking & Meeting new people (Nostr/Eth channels/IPFS pages)


Firefox/Tor? Nos2fx extension

Brave/Chromium? Nos2x or Flamingo

Mobile? Kiwi Browser w/ Nos2x or Flamingo.

Don’t trust anything? Make a new keypair, that’s fine. You get heard regardless of followers.

Ethereum Push channels:

Desktop? MetaMask browser extension

Mobile? MetaMask app & app

DM me to get your npub or wallet whitelisted for new threads.

You can reply or like without a whitelist, or even as a guest without an extension.

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