Simplified Privacy

Session vs Nostr

Session and Nostr both:

1. Use static, locally generated, public-private encryption keypairs

2. Connect to public nodes/relays to hold messages

3. Identity is disconnected from location or government domains

4. Hard to censor individuals.

5. Don’t rotate keys, but…

Session lets you assign your blockchain name to a new keypair manually if your private key is compromised. This is like “Nostr with an undo button”.

Session is marketed as privacy, but its true strength is censorship resistance. Since you can’t stop an anonymous entity that isn’t tied to any physical location, relays, or even any particular private encryption key.

Nostr is marketed as censorship resistance, but its true strength is privacy. Because it allows anonymous entities to establish verifiable business reputations in the public space. This is the foundation for trust without government IDs.

The only difference is on Nostr, the sender picks the relays. While as on Session, the receiver’s nodes are randomly assigned. Don’t let the marketing or relay payment method fool you, it’s the same concept.

And I beg you realize, that fighting over which keys or coins only weakens and divides us.

When the only true side, is the side of freedom.

Join the revolution, Session ID: Simple

Nostr Public Key:

Arweave Log: W4PxLALtm0NUTWAX-DIjS3AuCE767qWTzpaK-CgKTkA

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