Simplified Privacy

Session Names for Cloud Hosts

Enter the Name You Want at Checkout

All your customers have to do is type one word and they reach your sales or support team.

Names for Sale:

VPS – $200
Clouds – $150
Support – $250
Sales – $250
Host – $150
Servers – $100
NextCloud – $100
AWS – $500

Privacy meets Convenience

VPS server providers that give users free speech and privacy are able to charge more for the same technical specs. Simply by providing an anonymous, secure, and easy contact method for support, you can increase sales and the reputation of your brand.

Very often users want to setup their own VPS with services such as data storage or emails. Why would anyone pay money for these types of services, when Google and others offer it for free? Because the customers want privacy! So why not allow these customers to establish a connection with your brand in this new rapidly evolving Web 3 space? Don’t let your competition buy your firm’s names and leave you in the dust.

Automate Replies with a Bot

Session can be automated with a bot.  There’s some example chat code already written on Github found here:

That’s powerful when combined with a name like “Support” or “Sales”.

Over the Counter Service

We sell Session names here on this website, as well as via encrypted messenger.  If you choose to get it via encrypted messenger, you get a PGP signed receipt before you transfer crypto.  This provides proof and if we back out then our entire business is questioned on forums or review websites.  This would lower the value of all our names/assets.  Therefore, we deliver on our promises.


Contact Info

Session username: Simple


Legal Disclaimer:

We are operating in Offshore Liberland.  By doing business with us, you agree to abide by our terms of service.  Please keep in mind that we can not be held legally responsible in any country for what you do with your domain name after we transfer ownership.  Please seek legal counsel in your local jurisdiction to see what laws apply to your area.