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Gov Requests on Apple/Google push notifications

We posted a recent Vice article about the US government requesting nearly all Apple and Google push notifications: This article discusses how these companies

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New SearXNG Instance

We are now running a free SearXNG Search Engine front end for your convenience: This acts as an open source proxy for your searches

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degoogled phone

DeGoogled Life

Some say Google is a monopoly. I say they are not even relevant! Literally every service that they provide has an alternative. The ONLY thing

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Sources for: Big Tech Abuses Medical Privacy

These are the sources for our article on Big Tech Abusing Medical Privacy. [1]Electronic Frontier FoundationMedical Privacy [2]PrivacyRights.orgConsumer Guides: Your Medical Privacy Rights [3]Facebook discloses

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Google Censors Freedom

This article presents evidence that Google promotes an agenda of centralized control through systematic censorship on its search, email, video, app store, and ad platforms

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