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Timeshift: Critical Linux n00b Tool!

Another important concept for Linux users is timeshift backups.  Timeshift is a program that allows you to save a current state of your software and package manager.  Then later in the future, if your computer has a complete malfunction or is broken, you can restore the system to its previous state.  This tool is incredibly useful for helping you recover from a disaster.

Timeshift can be accessed by both the graphical user interface, as well as through the command line.  This versatility provides convenience for newer users to feel more comfortable in a graphical environment, while allowing you access to the saved recovery states in an emergency when you can only access the command line.

The Linux kernel itself and the corresponding command line are often more stable than the graphical desktop environment, so if the desktop environment won’t start, timeshift can be used via the command line in a recovery mode.

Timeshift does not affect the user files, such as documents or pictures; instead it only affects the package manager and software.  This allows a user to maintain a current copy of his or her personal or work data, while restoring a working version of the software itself.    Sometimes a package manager may “break” by trying to download cryptographic keys and/or versions of software that can no longer be accessed or malfunctioned.  Ideally, a user should do a timeshift backup before important or critical updates to ensure everything goes smoothly. You will get a lot out of subscribing for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, or RSS feed.

Automatic updates

Timeshift has the ability to record automatic updates.  If this is done too frequently, then it will take up a lot of space on the hard drive, while if it’s done too infrequently, then you could lose some software installations or progress.  So we recommend monthly or bi-weekly backups with 2-3 backups saved depending on how often you update software and use the computer.

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