Simplified Privacy

Virtual Machine Support

Starting at $180.00

Virtual Machines allow you to setup a fake mini computer inside your existing computer’s hardware. This has a number of privacy and security advantages such as wiping the computer when you’re done, containing spyware, and fooling browser fingerprinting. We learned about virtual machines in our articles found here and here.

Simplified Privacy offers custom technical support and advice for Oracle Virtual Box and QEMU Virt Manager KVM.

We can help you:

  • Setup new virtual machines of Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Apple’s Mac
  • Advice on VM settings for privacy
  • Fix Copy-Paste Issues (both KVM and Oracle)
  • Fix or Setup Shared Folders
  • Fix or Setup USB devices
  • Debug existing virtual machines
  • Back-up or Save virtual machines
  • Transfer virtual hard-disks to external drives to save storage space (keep in mind this slows the VM)


We recommend Linux for the host machine for privacy and security, but if you want we can setup Oracle VMs of Linux on a Microsoft Windows host for you to learn Linux. However keep in mind that for QEMU KVM, a Linux host is mandatory and not optional.

You Choose the Platform

In your personal consultation, we’ll guide you through your choice of audio, video, or live texting chat. Your consultation would be end-to-end encrypted on easy to download and use apps like Signal, Session, or XMPP, for anonymous cryptocurrency. You can use these on your phone or PC. We also could use Jitsi chat which is an open source alternative to Google Meet, where you can share your screen. Or yet another option is RustDesk, which is an open source alternative to TeamViewer.

Liberate your PC today!