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Burner Email Services (Pro/Con review)

This is a review of email burners for 1-time verification codes to avoid spam and to separate different activities or identities
Pro: Our Number 1 recommendation for burner privacy. Based in Sweden, this reliable honest non-profit uses Bahnhof (a previous Wikileaks host). No CloudFlare, No Google analytics.
Con: Only 1 domain to pick from. Often/sometimes it doesn’t function. I don’t think it’s the providers blocking it. I think 5july is just too poor for good maintenance because they have no business model.
Pro: Large userbase is good for anonymity. It works without JavaScript (for incoming) and Tor isn’t blocked.
Con: Many websites recognize GuerrillaMail and will block you. Google captchas on outgoing emails (at least in the past)
Pro: This is basically a burner version of protonmail, as proton hosts their mail. Less hassle than making new burner protons. It’s free for incoming, paid outgoing with Bitcoin accepted.
Con: This service shares and logs data like IP addresses with advertisers who want to send you junk mail. Also they sell ads to your inbox. Requires JavaScript and Hcaptcha. Hcaptcha is Cloudflare, but Cloudflare can’t see emails in this case (just fingerprint you). EmailonDeck’s site calls on Google stuff, but you can block it with uBlock Origin and the site still functions.
Pro: Assigns email address exclusively to you via a cookie, so in theory someone else can’t get to it.
Con: US company that sells data to advertisers. Cloudflare is their host and can probably see all emails, and this website is more integrated with Google Analytics.
Pro: The UI on this is nice. They used to use Amazon, but now switched to Hetzner which is still centralized but at least not a CIA contractor.
Con: They still use Cloudflare and openly admit to keep logs of IP addresses and the mailboxes they use.

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