Simplified Privacy

Pro/Con of “Privacy” Phone Numbers/Services

We wanted to give an updated list on burner phones. Remember SMS is not private or encrypted. All you’re doing is hiding your physical location via VoIP or your identity via cryptocurrency payments.
Type: Number
Pro: No KYC VoIP to XMPP (or Matrix) for anonymous Bitcoin, so you’re using an open source client
Con: Only US and Canada numbers. They’re just reselling VoIP, which means that not only are you just paying more just for anonymity, but many services recognize these as Bandwidth VoIP numbers and will block you.
Solutions: There exists the possibility of buying a real world physical SIM and then transferring over service to JMP VoIP. But you’re better off using 1 time burner services for most account registry. And btw, if you use JMP Chat, then check out our self-host XMPP servers to keep your data hidden.

Type: Number
Pro: No KYC VoIP for Bitcoin, similar to
Con: Uses their proprietary client which isn’t private through the Google Play store. I’d avoid Hushed.

Silent Link
Type: Number + Service
Pro: No KYC Crypto SIM card that separates billing and identity from the literal cell tower carrier. They accept Monero.
Con: Uses eSIM which requires Graphene’s Google Push service sandboxed. No outgoing calls.

Calyx Institute Hotspots
Type: Service
Pro: No KYC WiFi hotspot for Crypto
Con: It’s just reselling T-mobile service, so if you use this in your home and your home is KYC, then T-mobile will likely figure out that it’s you since celltowers see geolocation.
Solutions: You can avoid this by putting the hotspot in a faraday bag, and only using it outside your home.

Type: Number
Pro: Multiple burner VoIP lines
Con: Requires Google Play store JUST to PAY for it, but then can be used on a degoogled phone once you add credit.
Solutions: This can be sandboxed or put on a separate old device and you can use bitrefill to buy the credits with cryptocurrency
Type: Number
Pro: Quick easy cheap burner anonymous SMS verification for cryptocurrency. It’s real SIMs and not VoIP.
Con: US only. They resell the number for OTHER services, which MAY trigger anti-fraud for SOME services including Zelle, eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn, and others. So you risk a ban on accounts.
Solutions: Avoid putting money in any account for a few days to see. Use a residential proxy IP instead of a datacenter VPN, especially for eBay. They accept Monero.
Type: Number
Pro: Great for abusing foreign numbers in poor countries such as Cambodia or Ukraine for Signal or Telegram. Quick easy cheap burner anonymous SMS verification and/or longer term monthly numbers for cryptocurrency. It’s real SIMs and not VoIP. Their customer support is excellent and we highly recommend them for Telegram verifications.
Con: They may loose access to the burner number after a period of time (like a year) where you can’t renew and someone else COULD potentially verify the number. They accept Monero.
Type: Number
Pro: Huge amount of countries for real SMS anonymous crypto. Get sought after Western European #s here that normally have strict KYC rules on physical SIMs
Con: Overpriced setup fee for 1 time SMS verification, but if you actually live in (or desire) that country it’s okay. There’s no real purpose in all their “at rest encryption” advertising, because SMS is unencrypted transport. They accept Monero.

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