Simplified Privacy

Get a Free Month of VoIP from JMP Chat?

Simplified Privacy now has a promotional deal with VoIP provider JMP Chat. If you get a VPS from us with XMPP, email, and cryptpad docs, we’ll throw in a free month of JMP Chat VoIP to hook into your XMPP account.

JMP Chat works by converting SMS texts and regular phone calls to open source XMPP. So it hides your location and keeps your name off the billing by using crypto.

So our new combo package is:
a) Email Setup
b) Cryptpad Setup (replace Google docs)
c) XMPP Setup
d) Free JMP Chat for 1 month to plug into your XMPP
e) 1 year domain name registration
f) 1st month of the VPS on us. ($8/month after.)
g) 1 year tech support from us.
h) 1-2 hour consultation to teach you how to use it.

All for just $99. Sweet

Perfect for your business or family. Get started in your favorite encrypted messenger with nothing asked but what domain name you want.

Is it that easy to be self-sovereign? Yeah, it’s Simplified Privacy

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