Simplified Privacy

Cryptocurrency Consultation

Starting at $30 / hour

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge required to use cryptocurrency effectively and anonymously?

Are you afraid of making a mistake that causes you to lose funds? Do you need advice on about how to buy things anonymously?

Simplified Privacy offers custom consulting sessions where you can ask any questions you have over end-to-end encrypted platforms.

We offer advice and knowledge on:

  • How to Buy Crypto Anonymously (& Legally) Peer-to-Peer off Exchanges.
  • How to use Decentralized Services like Bisq or Uniswap
    Effectively using Wallets like Electrum, Cake, Exodus, or the official Monero wallet.
  • Proper cybersecurity to avoid getting your cryptocurrency hacked.
  • Effectively using stablecoins on different blockchains and layer 2s like Polygon, Tron, and Algorand
  • Using Arweave’s ArDrive for censorship-free cloud storage
    Liquidity Mining and Staking
  • Ethereum Name Service
  • Unstoppable Domains
  • Answer questions on
  • Ethereum’s Upgrade
    Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • How to make money from your art with NFTs
  • Cardano’s Daedalus wallet
    Mining Helium (have to ask in advance about this, so we get the right expert to you)


You Choose the Platform

In your personal consultation, we’ll guide you through your choice of audio, video, or live texting chat. Your consultation would be end-to-end encrypted on easy to download and use apps like Signal, Session, or XMPP, for anonymous cryptocurrency. You can use these on your phone or PC. We also could use Jitsi chat which is an open source alternative to Google Meet, where you can share your screen. Or yet another option is RustDesk, which is an open source alternative to TeamViewer.

Liberate your wallet today!

Please note the following legal disclaimer:

  • We do NOT take custody of your cryptocurrency to perform any mixing or money changing services. We can only provide advice that is public knowledge about services we don’t run ourselves.
  • We will not help you launder money.
  • We are not programming anything.
  • We do not touch Tornado Cash.
  • We do not touch your crypto.
  • We do not accept clients currently under G7 government sanctions.
  • We are only engaged in free speech talking about information in the public knowledge