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Some say Google is a monopoly. I say they are not even relevant! Literally every service that they provide has an alternative. The ONLY thing that they have is the network effect and peer pressure. But as they continue to abuse the population’s privacy, their power will erode.

Chrome Browser:
LibreWolf, Brave, Icecat, vanilla Firefox, Tor

Google Android:
GrapheneOS, Calyx, Divest/Lineage, Linux phones like Pine

Google Search:
MetaGer, Mojeek, SearXNG w/, Brave (AWS), Yandex

Google Docs:
Cryptpad, Nextcloud, Photos (Cloudflare, but end-to-end), onlyOffice

Google Meet:
Keet, Jitsi, Matrix (browser platform), Brave’s Video Meet (AWS)

Youtube alternatives
Peertube, Rumble, Odysee

Youtube Front-ends
Freetube (desktop), NewPipe (android), (browser), Piped (browser)

Paid on VPS: Mail-in-a-box, Luke Smith Scripts, aaPanel, iRedMail
Free burners: Protonmail, Tutanota, Skiff (AWS & Cloudflare’d)

Google Maps
OSMand, Organic Maps, Duckduckgo (Apple maps).
And if you absolutely need Google, then use Divested Computing Group’s “Gmaps WV” F-Droid app. It’s a front-end wrapper

Translate, DeepL


It’s never been easier to ditch Google. Simplified Privacy has DeGoogled Phones for cryptocurrency, so you can avoid tying your name to the hardware identifiers. Also you can reach out to us for cloud combo setups of email, chat, and docs. Because Cryptpad is the best replacement for Google docs.

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