Simplified Privacy

A lot of “privacy” email providers are misrepresenting themselves. If you get an email from someone who isn’t using the same service as you, then it’s just regular email. Emails come in to protonmail or tutanota unencrypted, and then you trust them to encrypt it after.

These companies claim to be open source, but you can’t verify the code on their cloud. If you use a web browser, then you’re blindly trusting their company to even serve you the correct code.

According to Protonmail’s transparency report, they aid law enforcement in thousands of cases every year and this amount is growing exponentially. If your data was really “encrypted” with zero knowledge, then what are they actually helping governments do?

Tutanota browser fingerprints you to decide if you already registered an account. And they ban many VPNs and Tor.

Protonmail has a Tor onion service, but yet when you sign-up, it forwards you onto the clearweb.

What does Simplified Privacy offer?

We will setup an open source email server on an affordable third party cloud hosting provider of your choosing. Then we hand over the passwords and credentials to you. This completely hides who is even our customer and maximizes decentralization and freedom.

You can get a tiny VPS or cloud server for around $10 to $15 a month.  We’ll help you pick a third party cloud provider.  By not hosting the emails ourselves, we have no conflict of interest in helping you protect your data.

We will:

  • Talk with you via encryption about your needs (Signal, Session, or XMPP).  Then we’ll recommend open source email software and a third party VPS based on your use case and threat model.

  • Buy the Server and domain name anonymously in cryptocurrency on your behalf, the first month and the domain name are included in our price

  • Setup an email server linked to the domain name of your choosing and then setup the appropriate DNS settings for it

  • Security Patch and Harden the Server

  • Get your server’s IP address removed from spam blacklists if you picked a cheap VPS provider

  • Show you how to use it via encrypted chat and answer your questions for a half an hour

  • Hand over the Login and Passwords for you to change it and pay for the server in cryptocurrency on your own going forward

  • Provide Technical Support afterwards for 1 Year

All for just $75

We recommend buying through the website because it will be faster and more convenient for you. But another possibility is to reach out directly via:

Session ID: Support

Signal #: +855 68 504 905
(for Signal the spacing matters)


SimpleX: [link]