Simplified Privacy

We offer updates of both our articles and videos through Ethereum Push Notifications.  

Add our channel’s wallet to the push app:


Or here’s a direct link:

This is free.  It does NOT require gas fees or owning ETH.  If you like, you can make an empty “burner” ETH wallet for privacy.  How it works is that your Ethereum wallet “signs” to opt in to follow our channel, and then you get notifications.

The advantage this provides is a censorship resistant way to get notified of new content without being tied to IP addresses or traditional domain names.

For now, the notifications are sent via the convenient push mobile or web app.  But in the future, they’ll be integrated directly into Ethereum wallets.

If you use the web browser app, it has an inbox like an uncensored email account.

If you use the mobile app, it’s sort of like a Youtube subscription notification.  However, currently the android app requires Google Play service, which defeats the point of evading Youtube. But we expect direct integration with Ethereum wallets in the near future, so if you use a fully degoogled phone, then use the Web app.

For both web and mobile, you can use any Ethereum wallet.  The website lists MetaMask, but Rabby also works.

If you get the mobile app via the  Aurora store, you want the one labeled “Alpha” in White.  The “Staging Alpha” version doesn’t work now.

Join the rebellion in a single click and get free educational animated videos on technology.

Then you can comment on videos using MetaMask or Rabby on our Ethereum-based video website.