Simplified Privacy

Socialist Fediverse vs Libertarian CypherPunks

The open source “privacy” community is divided into 2 main camps:

Socialist Fediverse

Brainwashed Mastodon and Lemmy users hate everything to do with capitalism. As part of their irrational dislike for Capitalism (which is really a call for violent theft), these moronic socialists favor Linux and open source software because of the lack of a business model. They fail to realize that banning anyone on the Fediverse even attempting any kind of business, is a quick way to degrade open source development.

Socialist Fedis are not logical. They claim they want privacy, but they also want to empower the government with more power. These are opposites. If everyone has complete privacy, how can the government enforce all of this power? The classic example is collecting more taxes vs Monero.

They claim to be decentralized, but all work together to ban, block, and de-federate many ideas. So “open source” Fedis mouth off all day about privacy, but really they are only concerned with controlling the conversation to move towards their totalitarian seizure of power.

Further, Socialist Fedis are arbitrary. They hate Google, but love Mozilla, even though Mozilla’s biggest profit literally comes from Google paying them to put spyware in their browser by default. Fedis have an insane obsession with Brave browser’s CEO for some minor comment about gays, but they could care less about the blood of minorities being spilled on the cold concrete, from Barrack Obama funding Nazis, to do a coup in Ukraine. Apparently, they only care if you describe the US empire’s murdered victims with the correct gender pronouns.

Crypto Libertarian CypherPunks

These are the ones who care about privacy. And I am a part of this group. However, this group is difficult to lead. By their very nature, these people dislike authority, so they will not obey or respect anything. This leads to a breakdown in a consensus to move to alternative systems, such as encryption as identity, private messengers, and which cryptocurrencies to use.

This is why I’m so passionate about DegenRocket & the RebelNet. By allowing any keypairs to interact, it opens the door to this community to grow, while giving people the freedom to pick how they want to do it.

Comment on RebelNet

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