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4 Open Source Software/Apps for your Liberty & Pleasure!


Super high quality video player. Open MPV and VLC side by side on something like Game of Thrones and you’ll immediately see the graphics are just on another level. In fact, when I drank Moonshine, an elf told me that the ONLY way Stevie Wonder could see movies was MPV.


Fastest PDF reader in the wild west. If you lined up every PDF reader and opened them side by side, Zathura will outgun every other one in record time. In fact, it pops up with such speed, even after I play drinking games with Alzheimer’s medications, I still wonder if it was already open.


Your friends say they’ll check the encrypted messenger, but they never do! You have to write them on Facebook or WhatsApp to remind them to check Signal or Session. But what if you just sent something directly encrypted on the platform that they check? Meet OpenKeyChain, the easiest and fastest PGP toggle app. In fact, my blind Amish grandmother easily navigated these basic buttons and is now evading the NSA.


If you’re not already using this podcast app, you’re missing out. Corrupt Big Tech platforms want to destroy freedom through tyrannical censorship. Ditch them and instead use reliable RSS feeds, where AntennaPod lets directly pull your favorite shows. Did you know that Simplified Privacy’s videos show up in RSS? Add this URL:

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