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Quick Recap of the Libertarian Convention!

The goal of the Libertarian Convention was to select a presidential nominee. Here’s a quick recap:

–The Mises Caucus is an ideologically pure group, with Tom Woods, Dave Smith, and many others with an anti-lockdown message

–Mises Caucus was backing Michael Rectenwald for the official nomination, but he lost to Oliver Chase

–Oliver Chase is anti-war and has many of the Libertarian principles, but he isn’t as ideologically pure on a few issues. He’s going for a more “mainstream” appeal.

–Donald Trump got mixed reactions speaking, it wasn’t all boos, and it wasn’t all cheers.

–Now Libertarians will have to decide in the main election between Trump and Oliver Chase, when neither is ideologically pure, but Oliver is much closer to the ideals. But Trump has a better shot of winning.

What do you think? Who should people support?

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