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A CypherPunk is someone who uses privacy and encryption to advocate for and advance freedom and civil liberties. This doesn’t come out of nowhere on a whim, but requires a deep knowledge of technology, politics, and philosophy. This list can help guide you on that journey, but ultimately it can only be done by you.

These should be listened to on AntennaPod using RSS, so you get it direct from the source, and NOT the “Apple Store” because of censorship/surveillance. Just add the RSS feed.

Opt Out

Opt Out by Seth for Privacy is no longer that active, but we highly recommend going back and listening to the old episodes. He usually has first-hand source entrepreneurs pitching their projects, as well as the philosophical underpinnings of the movement.

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The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze covers the philosophy behind opting out and taking control of your liberty through personal and technological action. This idea of “agorism” or self-improvement over trying to change the world through politics, is one of the foundations of being a Cypherpunk. Even if he doesn’t use those exact words.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

We can’t discuss using technology to defend our civil liberties without an understanding of the principles and philosophy behind it. Ron Paul ain’t a hacker, but he is the icon of liberty to one.

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Monero Talk

Some of our Bitcoin maxi fans will get angry that this is on the list, and if so, you’re both closing yourself off to, and trying to suppress knowledge, at the same level as the government. Monero Talk is much more than just hawking the currency, it’s got a huge amount of privacy, tech, and political news. You’ll learn the newest stuff about Tor, secret peer-to-peer internet in Cuba, bans in Dubai, Quantum encryption, and what being a CypherPunk even means.

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The Linux Cast

These guys are NOT cypherpunks, as Matt the main host openly said he doesn’t care about privacy. But you will learn a huge amount about Linux such as honest discussion about the pros/cons of different distributions, desktop environments, window managers, different software, drivers, and much more. This is really easy listening for technical information and perfect for a car ride or commute. They make the technical stuff fun with the banter and I can’t highly recommend this enough to get the tech news you need.

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The Tom Woods Show

Tom Woods is the “Tonight Show for Libertarians”, as not only does he have the highest quality guests, but his calm approach with a focus on reason, makes even the most brainwashed pro-gov slave ponder to think. Get a fresh perspective here, because you won’t find it from the mainstream news.

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The Expat Money Show

There comes a time when freedom is so bad, that rather than stay and fight, you opt to leave. But where do you go? Mikkel Thorup covers a huge amount of countries and has on a wide array of guests discussing which country is right for you. Every Cypherpunk needs a Plan B passport.

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(Ignore his technology/privacy guests, they suck. But that’s only a few out of hundreds of episodes.)

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

This podcast isn’t active anymore, but I recommend you go download the past episodes before they disappear. He’s got a 1-year disappearing message on them. He’s an ex-cop talking about how to hide. Also, the podcasts open you up to the books. A lot of great strategies in these such as VoIP, pfSense routers, and how to deal with data brokers.

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Scott Horton Show

The excuse given for the crackdown on our personal privacy is often to fight terrorism. But what if it turned out that the government itself was the one funding all the terrorism? In my humble opinion, nobody spits out the flaws of US empire better than Scott Horton, and I can’t highly recommend enough that you ditch the watered down propaganda you were listening to before and open your eyes to the truth.

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The Breakdown

NLW is the best way to learn what propaganda is spewing out of politician’s holes, without actually having to go and listen to the mainstream news. Unfortunately, he does not actually embrace the technology he promotes. For example, he had a Nostr guest on, yet he’s not on Nostr and hawks his Discord room. While NLW isn’t a Cypherpunk, he is a tolerable source to find out what’s trending in the industry.

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The Corbett Report Podcast

If you like critically thinking about the empire’s propaganda with well-researched journalism, then James Corbett might be for you. Some will find his point of view a bitter pill to swallow, while others will find it liberating that he’s kept it this real and not been assassinated yet.

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Part Of The Problem

Dave Smith and Robby the “Fire” are good to put the bullshit into perspective and make you not feel insane when the world is. One of the “takes” that I found particularly interesting was Dave Smith pointing out how the New York Times should be telling us the news, when instead the Times sold services to the US government to help them investigate and crackdown on the whistleblower who gave us the real news on Ukraine. This guy leaked that the US government was not just “funding” Ukraine, but illegally had troops on the ground. Smith can sometimes ramble on, but it’s alright because the other side is just that insane.

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