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LunarDAO Twitter Spaces Event

LunarDAO is a controversial privacy-focused DAO investing in privacy and freedom projects. They promote the idea of a LunarPunk, which is a collective group resistance to rebel against the corruption in both the traditional fiat financial sector and cryptocurrency ecosystems, with the end goal of promoting individual freedom.

LunarDAO labels many cryptocurrencies as “SolarPunks”, because these projects assume that the government will allow them to exist. This assumption enables the government to ban the project because they rely on Big Tech or do not have clear adversarial thinking in their foundational infrastructure.

A CypherPunk is a lone wolf individual trying to hide their identity and use encryption on their own, while on the other hand LunarPunks are organized into groups to promote collective organizational resistance. “We have decided to no longer hide, but to rally”

While Simplified Privacy will NOT be engaged in any illegal activity and does not promote the sale of drugs, we would be interesting in hearing the free speech talking from these individuals on internet. Simplified Privacy’s non-legally binding, free speech towncrier will be appearing on Twitter Spaces event for LunarDAO on:

Feb 22 event 15:00 UTC (3pm UTC)

Legal Note: Simplified Privacy accepts ZERO legal responsibility for anything on LunarDAO’s website or any of the free speech talkers. Simplified Privacy has no control over their speech and we are only engaged in educational talking. As a general reminder as per our terms of service, We do not accept illegal clients.

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