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Tyranny of Microsoft

Microsoft’s agenda is very clear, they want control and surveillance over the flow of information on the internet.

Rather than allow websites to host the content themselves, Microsoft will subvert websites’ authority and post it on Then promote their bullshit proxy copy on their ad-revenue site via their Bing search. For example you search “Coindesk Bitcoin ETF” and it gives you “Coindesk via MSM”.

This has quite a few effects:
1) Microsoft leaches ad revenue
2) It creates dependency and submission from the websites that they can’t cut off the traffic from Bing, because the other search engines such as Google and Brave are now ranking the MSM version, and not the original.
3) Microsoft sees all data, not just that you searched then went to the site, but what you clicked or did after.
4) Microsoft controls the content, by picking what to proxy and then promote as trending news. This is a form of thought control.

Some will say this thought control is benign, but Microsoft’s left leaning censorship agenda is very clear with a partnership with NewsGuard. As ZeroHedge and the Daily Wire report, NewsGuard uses Microsoft’s Edge browser to display trust rankings like a nutrition label, and no surprise, it gives horrible ratings to conservative websites and flawless ranking to left leaning ones. One example of the danger of this type of censorship is that NewsGuard openly has financial ties to Pfizer partners and then downranks websites critical of the vaccine, calling them fake news.

Microsoft will insert their left-leaning propaganda into the Windows start menu, innocently pretending it’s just trending news. Brainwashed Democrats don’t even realize that it’s normalizing an authoritarian society through unquestioned acceptance of government authority. In fact, Democrats are so shielded from criticism, that when they later read proven, factual, and academic criticism of the government for the first time, their knee-jerk reaction is that it’s “crazy conspiracy theory” because they’ve been so conditioned to never question or criticize top-down control. This assumption is reinforced literally every time they open a program on Windows.

Sadly many other search engines just get results from Bing, and then mislead people into thinking they are getting privacy. For example people tolerate Duckduckgo and Qwant getting the bulk of their results from Bing, to try to avoid the data collection of going to Bing directly.

What they don’t realize is that Qwant feeds user data into Microsoft’s ads. And even more chilling is Duckduckgo being physically hosted on Microsoft’s servers and serving them all the same MSM links with kick-back surveillance on them. Duckduck is masquerading as a privacy alternative, when they insert 3rd party JavaScript such as “” onto the links themselves. This allows Duckduckgo to learn how long you stayed on even the non-MSM articles, or what your reaction to it is. They will likely claim this is supposedly to improve the search engine, but considering Duckduckgo is the default on Tor browser, training AI on my choices is hardly the choice for anonymous browsing.

What can you do about it? Here’s our solutions:

1) Use a variety of search engines such as:
d) Simplified Privacy even hosts a SearXNG instance for you
e) Brave Search, although it’s hosted on Amazon AWS
Although Brave does use Amazon, they have LESS propaganda.

2) Try and find the original links and avoid MSM. For example MetaGer will serve you the originals. You can also go to the company’s site and see the trending links.

3) If you’re going to use Duckduckgo for variety, then use it for mundane research topics or images, but avoid news. It’s news topics that get MSM propaganda links more often.

4) Use Linux and not Windows, it’s not as hard as people make it out to be. You don’t need to learn the command line. You can learn in under 2 weeks. Most apps are in a browser now so there’s not the same software compatibility issues there were 10 years ago. I believe in you. Now you have to believe in you.

5) Share this article as a response, the next time they send you an MSM article. It’s time to escape the Matrix.

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