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Monero Tips added to RebelNet! [Q&A]

RebelNet goes live with Monero tips. Here’s the information:

Q: How do I tip others?

A: First hit the Monero icon at the bottom of the post. The address and an uptrend button will appear. Copy paste the XMR address into your off-platform wallet, and then hit the uptrend button to signify you sent it. It will prompt you to sign with your SOCIAL keys (Nostr or Eth) and then you know it’s sent when it increases the counter.

Q: Can I tip or comment without a browser extension?

A: Yes, you can instantly sign in as a guest, which automatically assigns you random numbers/letters

Q: How do I receive tips?

A: Message Simplified Privacy your social public key (nostr or eth) and your XMR wallet:

In the future this will be an automated form you sign with your social key, but for right now we have to do it manually as we’re actively developing this.

Q: What data is collected?

A: Your PUBLIC social key (Nostr or Ethereum) and ONE of your PUBLIC Monero addresses are tied together. But you NEVER connect your Monero wallet to our server or any Nostr node. Our system separates social identity from financial identity.

Q: Does the RebelNet compromise Monero’s overall privacy?

A: No. When you tip someone you signify it with your public social key, but no chain analysis can connect Monero sing signatures to this information, since without your private monero view key, they don’t know which inputs, outputs, or other addresses are your wallet.

Q: What privacy leaks exist with Nostr in general?

A: Nostr has relays. Some of these relays are on Cloudflare, so they can see your Tor or VPN exit and tie that to your random Nostr public key just like ANY nostr client. But if you publicly broadcast you are sending an XMR tip, they NEVER see the REAL Monero funds moving.

Q: Can I avoid pop-ups to sign tips/comments?

A: Yes, the Nos2x extensions both have the ability “authorize forever” a website, which can be revoked later. This gets rid of the popups to sign.

Q: Can I use this on mobile?

A: Yes, IceRaven (firefox based) and Kiwi browser (chromium based) are both open source mobile browsers that allow extensions. We have video tutorials here:

Q: I do not trust any extension. What can I use?

A: You can use open source Brave Browser’s built-in Ethereum wallet.

Q: Will there be clients?

A: Yes, first we’re establishing the layer 0 protocol. Then clients can be made with Monero wallets plus and other social keys (Nostr/Eth). This is the API:

Other teams can develop clients as well.

Try it out now on RebelNet

Video on purpose behind it

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