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How to Use Linked-Out w/ Nostr

This is a guide to using Nostr with This previous article goes over what this. is a network of federated websites. Normally with a website, you enter a password into the website. But with encryption based social networks such as Nostr, you “sign” posts to prove it’s you. So the website never sees your password and this empowers the end user. To use this you need a browser extension. Please see our video tutorial on how to use Nostr clients for beginners.

Please note: USA IP addresses are fully blocked from accessing this website.

Step 1 for Nostr)

Decide if you’re using a Firefox based browser such as Tor/LibreWolf, or Brave browser/Ungoogled Chromium.

If you’re using Tor/Firefox/LibreWolf then you want the browser extension,


If you’re using Brave/Chromium then you want the browser extension,



Flamingo is far more widely used, so if you’re importing a huge Nostr account that’s extremely valuable to you, then I’d use Brave/Flamingo. While if you’re brand new to Nostr, then Tor with Nos2x-Fox.

Step 2) Setting up Nostr

Either make a new Nostr keypair or import your existing key in the extension.

Nos2x-Fox supports multiple keys at the same time, but Flamingo does not.

Fiatjaf made the chrome version of Nos2x, but if you don’t trust these extensions, then make a new keypair and just put in your bio the public key of the original one.

Step 3) You can comment without whitelisting.

Just Connect with the button in the bottom right. You can reply to posts.

Step 4) In the bottom left is the Publish button for a new post. But you have to get whitelisted. This is to prevent child porn from being spammed, like it is in our Session and Signal groups. To get whitelisted DM us:

DM on Nostr:


Session ID: Support

Signal #:+855 68 504 905

One of the other contacts

The browser extension uBlock Origin lets you see what Nostr relays you’re connecting. This is how you’re pulling Nostr usernames, avatar, and bio/posts. However, the actual posts are federated, so it can

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