Simplified Privacy

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SimplifiedPrivacy.sol or SimplifiedPrivacy.x is an uncensored free public directory of PGP keys for popular open source software on IPFS using solana and/or unstoppable domains. Our goal is to weaponize blockchain based DNS to prevent Github or Cloud company backdoors. This directory acts a neutral third party verification tool, not tied to a physical location, like traditional domains. Anyone can compare the PGP keys on the IPFS site to Github binaries and confirm a match.


We highly recommend you view it on Brave Browser with the IPFS extension. This IPFS browser extension is already built in to Brave, you just have to enable it, and it will resolve the domain SimplifiedPrivacy.sol or SimplifiedPrivacy.x and we made a guide on this here.

Landing Page: SimplifiedPrivacy.sol

PGP directory: SimplifiedPrivacy.x

Summary of content: PrivacyFreedom.x

Our PGP & uncensored contact info: SimplifiedPrivacy.eth