Simplified Privacy

Privacy-Respecting Cloud

Nextcloud is free and open source team collaboration document sharing software. We will set this up for you on a third party VPS provider after consulting with you on the location and your preferences.  As well as teach you how to use it for half an hour, and then provide technical support for a full year.

$210 starting price, including 1 year of domain registration, WhoIs privacy, and the first month of server costs.  After the first month, you’d pay the VPS provider on your own.

We’ll setup 3 services, (using open source software), on a single tiny VPS server for you:
1) Email
2) Chat
3) Cryptpad: Team cloud docs (like Google docs but encrypted)
4) Includes the domain name registration.
5) Includes the first month of the VPS.
All for just a one-time $99 setup fee.

This helps us estimate how much RAM and CPU is required
Closer to you is faster
For Signal, include the country area code with the correct spacing