Simplified Privacy

Personal Cloud w/ Email, Chat, & Docs

What if you could get your own personal private cloud with email, chat, cloud storage, and team collaboration docs using open source software? With a decentralized format and a bargain price, Simplified Privacy is proud to present our new combo packages.

Say goodbye to Google docs and your emails being scanned.  And say hello to freedom…

Just $99!

Uncensored Session Bot Server

No censorship.  No surveillance.

Imagine complete control over your identity, communications, and income.  Protect both you and your audience.

Unlike .com domains, it can’t be taken away.  Unlike Tor onions, it can be remembered.

We can help setup and configure our original custom open source Session bot for uncensored distribution to your paid followers.


No Vendor Lock-in

Linux Tech Support

Get help installing or fixing your computer with Linux.  We do most distros and for all skill levels.

Linux is privacy respecting, unlike Microsoft Windows or Apple which collect literally everything you do for sale to third parties including governments.

You don’t have to solve it all alone, let us make your life easy.

Starting at
$25 / hour

Customized Privacy Consultation

We can help setup or configure any freedom-respecting router, phone, or computer.  Get custom advice on evading global internet surveillance, anonymity, cryptocurrency, Tor/VPNs, open source software alternatives, encryption, file deletion, or whatever goals you wish to pursue!

Just $30 / hour

DeGoogled GrapheneOS Phones

You don’t have to accept surveillance.  Did you know Google monitors your web traffic, recording audio of intimate conversations, and 24/7 tracking on your location?  But you can liberate yourself with a privacy respecting “degoogled” Android. We’ve removed the original operating system and put in GrapheneOS, which has such high security that it’s recommended by Edward Snowden.

Decentralized Email

Email as a protocol trusts the cloud server it’s running on. Centralized providers, such as protonmail or tutanota, can still intercept your messages, because if you use a web browser, then you don’t even know if their cloud is serving you the code they claimed it is.

Instead, we can help you setup open source email software on your own personal cloud VPS and domain name. We don’t host the emails, so there’s no conflict of interest.

Crypto Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge required to use cryptocurrencies? Ask us any questions you have related to using a wide range of cryptocurrencies privately and securely in the real world.

Just $30 / hour

Your Own Private Tor Entrance Bridge

Oppressive governments and Bitcoin hackers run over 25% of the Tor network with malicious intentions. Numerous studies have demonstrated Tor users can be identified by running malicious nodes, particularly the entrance guard. We can help you setup your own Tor entrance bridge on a third party hosting provider and guide you on how to use it.

Cloud Storage & "Docs"

NextCloud is free and open source team collaboration software for sharing documents with comments and track changes. This is a replacement for Google Docs.  We will set this up for you on your own server with a third party hosting provider and domain name of your choosing.

Your Own XMPP Server

Signal is supposed to be private, but it’s a centralized server run by Amazon, which contracts for the CIA. It’s been proven by academic hackers that Signal’s “sealed sender” does not realistically hide your metadata (who you’re talking to and when).  What if you could host “your own Signal”?

Meet XMPP, with blazing fast speeds you can chat in secrecy. The US military funded Signal and Briar’s development, but yet they use XMPP.

Custom WordPress Design

Get custom art, animated video, and/or website design for your project so you can enjoy anonymous free speech.   We can do IPFS or Tor onion websites as well.  You can remain completely anonymous by paying in cryptocurrency and using end-to-end encrypted chat.  We use open source software and can cut Google and third party surveillance out.  Perfect for controversial political speakers.

Rare Session Usernames

No censorship. No surveillance.

Imagine complete control over your identity.

Anyone you want can type a single word into this blockchain powered instant messenger and reach you.