Simplified Privacy

Original GUI Version of Session Bot Software

This is for the original GUI version of the Session bot software, we have since upgraded to a CLI version, which has Electron stripped for better scaling and interaction with the Session protocol. However this version is still useful for home users that are less technical, and have a smaller list to distribute to.

What if you could self-custody your communication like a crypto wallet?

Today, Simplified Privacy is open sourcing the code that cost months of time and 2 grand to develop.

This software is designed to weaponize Session messenger’s unique DNS to provide a platform to the voiceless and oppressed.

1. Uncensored delivery to a list (similar to how an email list functions)

2. Monero & BTC-Lightning billing to join the list

3. Keeps track of subscriptions and reminds expiring users

4. Allows only paid users to submit a question

5. Anti-DDoS

Unlike Tor Onion domains which need the encryption keys in memory to function, Session names can be easily re-assigned on the blockchain if your server’s location is discovered. This separates physical locations from identity and push notifications, to provide censorship resistance against even the most powerful adversaries.

You can run it on your own with the source code below. Or reach out to us, and we’ll set it up for you for a small admin fee. With no vendor lock-in, you keep full custody of your blockchain name, your crypto, and get a regular backup copy of your subscriber list. So if you’re unhappy, at any time you can leave and take your following with you.

I have and will continue to give. But ultimately our work is meaningless without your adoption.

For I am just a humble peasant in the vast universe. And some day, I will have to disappear for my own safety.

But long after I’m dead and gone, the idea of self-soverign, encryption as identity, will live on, through you.

Test it out, DM to the Session ID: Simple

Menu, 1 for XMR, 3 for payment status, 4 to ask a question if on the premium list

Click here to learn how we can set this up for you

You can save yourself headache and help support the project.

Full Release:

New CLI version (Update: April 2024)

GUI Original Source code on our self-hosted Gitlab

Original GUI Technical Overview and Documentation

GUI Technical Self-host Install Instructions

Article on the Censorship Aspect of Session DNS

PGP Key of Digital Hug, the lead Session Bot developer

Read more about Digital Hug on About Us

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