Simplified Privacy

What servers do messages get stored on?

Let’s analyze where things really get stored with different protocols and tools.


Decentralized database w/ pay in crypto

Self-hosted federated

the word “federated” means cross-communication of servers like email

federated (in theory)

two federated self-hosted servers,
they pick your send, you pick your receive

No servers, peer-to-peer
They gotta be online

poster picks distributed relays

Ethereum notifications
federated then fetched by wallet
(this is NOT on blockchain, it’s like nostr but only 1 relay)

Torrent CDN getting it from a federated pinner (host)
IPFS is really a CDN
CDN means content delivey network, or servers all over distributing faster

Akash & Flux
You’re renting servers from their network for your software
The blockchain just keeps track of who owes you service

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