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DeFi – $200
Bridge – $70
BSC – $500
MetaMask – $500
SushiSwap – $300
Thorchain – $150
Rune – $150
Thorswap – $70

IPFS & Filecoin – Both for $200
DAO – $100
Inu – $150
Cosmo – $150

Session can be an incredibly valuable tool for DeFi projects. DeFi and cross chain bridges are often the biggest targets for hackers, who thrive on faking validation of interoperability. Very often these hackers find it’s more difficult to launder the money than to just return it for a smaller reward. If your project had a clear marketed Session username, you’d be offering the hacker a guaranteed safe way to contact and negotiate a return of stolen funds.

Any hacker will weigh the pros and cons of returning the money. Through Session, hackers can establish a reputation with a username of their own. When they contact your project to negotiate a return of funds, they can also have their own Session name publicized in crypto media. This would lead to future high paying security jobs for the hacker, and therefore increase the value of returning funds to your firm.

Over the Counter Service

We sell Session names here on this website, as well as via encrypted messenger.  If you choose to get it via encrypted messenger, you get a PGP signed receipt before you transfer crypto.  This provides proof and if we back out then our entire business is questioned on forums or review websites.  This would lower the value of all our names/assets.  Therefore, we deliver on our promises.


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We are operating in Offshore Liberland.  By doing business with us, you agree to abide by our terms of service.  Please keep in mind that we can not be held legally responsible in any country for what you do with your domain name after we transfer ownership.  Please seek legal counsel in your local jurisdiction to see what laws apply to your area.