Simplified Privacy

Session Names for Cybersecurity
All your customers have to do is type one word and they reach your sales or support team with end-to-end encryption.

Enter the Name You Want at Checkout

Names for Sale:

Audit – $200
Pentest – $200
Pen – (included with Pentest)
Security – $150
Bug – $100

Defender – $100
Shield – $150
Code – $150
Tech – $150
Guard – $100

Enter the Name You Want at Checkout

DDoS – $100

Breach – $100

InfoSecurity – $150

Support – $250

Sales – $250

Get Results for Your Clients

Session is an amazing resource for cybersecurity firms. First, hackers can contact you to negotiate or provide critical tips for your clients. Can you imagine if your firm had a great reputation for being on Session and brokering deals, then even more hackers would come to you, even if you didn’t yet represent the target as a client.  For example the Breached forums were popular for selling stolen userdata. What if hackers could send you a quick message asking if your company wanted to buy it at a discount first?

Second, Session’s powerful encryption can be used to communicate either with clients or even within your staff. With a prestigious Session name, you can impress and dazzle potential clients on the initial sale of services. Are you really going to make potential clients learn complex PGP encryption for emails, when you can close a deal with an instant messenger?  Don’t let your competition leverage this tool before you, or even worse buy your firm’s usernames and leave you in the dust.

Automate Replies with a Bot

Session can be automated with a bot.  There’s some example chat code already written on Github found here:

That’s powerful when combined with a name like “Support” or “Sales”.

Over the Counter Service

We sell Session names here on this website, as well as via encrypted messenger.  If you choose to get it via encrypted messenger, you get a PGP signed receipt before you transfer crypto.  This provides proof and if we back out then our entire business is questioned on forums or review websites.  This would lower the value of all our names/assets.  Therefore, we deliver on our promises.


Contact Info

Session username: Simple

Signal #: +855 68 504 905 (spaces matter)