Simplified Privacy

Session is an easy to use instant messaging platform that onion-routes end-to-end encrypted messages, storing in them in a decentralized database powered by blockchain.

The servers that forward these messages are incentivized by Session’s native cryptocurrency Oxen, which is a fork of Monero.  So you can think of Session as a combination of Signal, Tor, and Monero.


It is far more private than other messengers…

Telegram tracks your metadata.

Signal doesn’t hide it well, and uses an Amazon server.

Briar requires the other person to be online.

XMPP is censorable.

While Session is complete freedom.

It’s fast and easy to on-board your friends because no data is collected at sign-up.

No phone numbers, no emails, no wait.

Even the least technically savvy users can hit the “continue” button.

Since it’s private, nobody knows exactly how many people use it. But based on downloads from Github, Google Play, and Apple, combined with network useage estimates, it’s rapidly growing with now roughly around half a million regular active users.

Session IDs are random numbers and letters like a cryptocurrency wallet address.

This ID is where your messages are sent.  But you can assign a short username to this ID, which removes the complexity of cryptocurrency… 

Our firm is reselling these names assigned to Session IDs, so people can easily message you or your business in a single word. You can think of us with the analogy of a Web 3 GoDaddy.

Some only think of Session from the perspective of an illegal darkweb.  But a Session username can dramatically increase the sales of legitimate businesses because it brings convenience to privacy, when normally these are opposites.

No censorship. No surveillance.

Imagine complete control over your identity.  

Unlike .com domains, it can’t be taken away.  Unlike Tor onions, it can be remembered. Unlike Filecoin, it’s private.

Anyone around the world can type a single word into the messenger and reach you.

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