Simplified Privacy

No censorship. No surveillance. Imagine complete control over your identity.  Anyone you want can type a single word and reach you.

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Names for Sale:

Fire – $150

Blood – $150

Snow – $130

Alien – $40

Pug  – $50

Turtle  – $40

Beast  – $45

DJ  – $70

Rap  – $70

Hiphop  – $70

Sun  – $60

Mars  – $40

Ares  – $40

Iron  – $40

Evil  – $40

Halo  – $40

Sniper  – $40

Dove  – $40

Animal  – $45

Epic  – $40

Dawn  – $40

Monkey  – $40

Storm  – $40

Night  – $40

Waldo  – $40

Shade  – $40

Bear  – $40

Slayer  – $40

Anus  – $40

Girls be like, “So, what’s your Session ID?”

BoredApe  – $40

Spider  – $40

Ninja  – $40

Dice  – $40

Guitar  – $40

Moose  – $40

Jay  – $40


Musk – $500

Hilton – $450

Dre – $300

Snoop – $300

Dogg – (comes with Snoop)

Drake – $150

West – $150

Fictional Celebrities

Jedi – $100

Bond – $45

ET – $40

Cartman – $30

KingSlayer – $25

DragonQueen – $25

Using Tor with Signal or XMPP is not as reliable a mixnet as using Session, because Signal and XMPP would force you to exit the mixnet onto the clearweb where traffic can be analyzed by size and time.  Malicious actors such as oppressive governments and bitcoin hackers run many of the Tor nodes to deanonymize users. Some estimates say over 25% of the Tor network is malicious. While as Session is born out of the true cypherpunk rebellion.

Privacy meets Convenience

A .com domain name is merely rented and can be taken away, while a Tor onion can’t be remembered.  Tor is also vulnerable to DDoS and requires a large continued capital investment.  Filecoin’s IPFS offers little privacy as when you visit an IPFS site, you become a local node for others.

Since every other form of identity requires money or permission to continue, Session could be argued as the only online identity you really ever “own”

Over the Counter Service

We sell Session names here on this website, as well as via encrypted messenger.  We can guide you through the process.  And if you choose to get it via encrypted messenger, you get a PGP signed receipt before you transfer crypto.  This provides proof and if we back out then our entire business is questioned on forums or review websites.  This would lower the value of all our names/assets.  Therefore, we deliver on our promises.

Session username: Simple

Free Customer Support
Control of the Session name can be transferred to another Oxen wallet and Session ID similar to an NFT. Our customer support can guide you through the process and teach you how to properly secure it.

Contact Info

Session username: Simple 

Legal Disclaimer:

We are operating in Offshore Liberland.  By doing business with us, you agree to abide by our terms of service.  Please keep in mind that we can not be held legally responsible in any country for what you do with your domain name after we transfer ownership.  Please seek legal counsel in your local jurisdiction to see what laws apply to your area.