Simplified Privacy

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Names for Sale:

CNN – $750
AP – $750
AFP – $500
Reuters – $750
ThomsonReuters – (comes with Reuters)
Times – $700
NYTimes – $500

Press – $200
Tips – $200
Tip – (comes with Tips)
Truth – $100
Info – $70
Post – $300

Bloomberg – $700
Forbes – $500
RT – $700
WSJ – $700
Journal – (potential package with WSJ)
CBS – $600
NBC – $600

Privacy meets Convenience

Session is power to a journalist because it allows news sources to instantly and anonymously contact you from anywhere in the world with an incredibly low chance of metadata leaks.

The quality of your news sources directly translates into more readers. Session allows the clear possibility of two-way communication, while as Tor anonymous dropbox websites force the whistleblower to give some kind of insecure contact method such as email or Signal numbers which leak massive amounts of metadata.

Tor Onion websites require organizations to spend a lot of money to be able to withstand a DDoS attack from changing Tor IPs who also are blocking JavaScript. This uses an expensive balancer with multiple servers. While as Session is always free to keep online, even against sophisticated adversaries.  A single month using Tor servers, can cost more than we’re charge for a permanent Session name.

Tor Onion domains have these ridiculously long addresses. This forces your whistleblower to go on the clearweb, which is far more dangerous for metaleaks, just to get your Tor onion address. Also Tor requires advanced knowledge to remove picture metadata like the phone’s GPS location, while as Session automatically prunes photos.

Automate Replies with a Bot

Session can be automated with a bot to do basic screening for you. There’s some example chat code already written on Github found here:

Over the Counter Service

We sell Session names here on this website, as well as via encrypted messenger.  If you choose to get it via encrypted messenger, you get a PGP signed receipt before you transfer crypto.  This provides proof and if we back out then our entire business is questioned on forums or review websites.  This would lower the value of all our names/assets.  Therefore, we deliver on our promises.

Contact Info

Session username: Simple

Ownership of the name requires an Oxen cryptocurrency wallet and Session ID to assign it to. We can offer free customer support with all names to guide your organization to set it up, and to secure this blockchain asset from hackers looking to impersonate you.