Simplified Privacy

Signal Usernames for DESKTOP just rolled out

If you got flatpak, just do “flatpak update”
If you got it through your distro like apt, depends on the distro when ready.
Arch AUR Package is ready now:

Mobile: Molly

Now for mobile, you want to avoid corrupt Google Play. But that’s where the update is.
So if you’re having issues with getting the update via APK android, and you’re dying to get it now, then if you use Molly, it will give you access:

Mobile: Obtainium

Another option, is to use Obtainium, which gets apps straight from the developer’s repository:

No Squatting

You won’t miss out on a name though..
The way it works is to prevent squatting, they force a number at the end.
You can’t pick the number. So like mine is, SimplifiedPrivacy.62

Wicked Group Chat

The Simplified Privacy Group chat is real active, ask questions on privacy/freedom, come join,

And here’s Tuxsudo’s Monero Chat, this guy is a friend of mine. Super based group and he’s active on Monero Talk podcast:

Even if you don’t get a username, the you can hide your number by going to:
Privacy -> Phone Number

Crypto Burner Numbers

You still need a phone number to register though. So check out our previous guide to cryptocurrency SMS verify burners

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