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Obedience is Dangerous

Ever think, “How could a person do [insert horror]?”

Stanley Milgram a psychologist at Yale University did an experiment where he tested if participants would obey TAKING ORDERS to electrocute a subject. The subject was in on it, so nobody was hurt. The wires did NOT have real electricity, and it was purely acting and screaming out in “FAKE pain”.

The purpose of the experiment was to measure if the person would obey authority and follow the commands to administer electric shocks as part of an academic study. Interestingly 65% of participants WOULD administer the shocks, even as the acting subject SCREAMED out in fake pain and begged to be let go.

Milgram wanted to know if “obedience to an authority figure” explains Nazi killings in World War II. “The person being ordered about is able to believe that the authority will accept responsibility for what happens.”

This doesn’t surprise me, what does surprise me is that academia only views Milgram’s experiments from the point of view of direct violence. And not forcing someone else to submit to political interactions, which empower an authority to use violence if I don’t comply. Or involuntary technological interactions which force me into compliance with surveillance.

Then again, why would academic experts want to study blind allegiance to academic experts?

Blind obedience is shocking me with:

-covid masks

-fiat money

-covid “vaccines”


-fund Ukraine


-more taxes

-only accepting SMS

Some might go “wait a second, how is someone using Cloudflare or gmail shocking you?

Because you’re forcing me to submit to surveillance in order to get essential services, and the data is going to an entity interested in enforcing their wishes through violence.

Also you’re not administering that surveillance directly. Milgram’s experiments jumped up in compliance to above 90% when the person didn’t push the button themselves. Just ordering someone else to push the button dramatically reduces guilt. So go ahead, justify your website and email with what everyone else is doing.

Obey your orders, you good little slave of the empire.

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